Multiplayer and Gamepad support coming to Survivalcraft, our new website is LIVE

Kaalus never fails to amaze me. Just got off work earlier, checked my Google news feed and saw his blog post titled, “This is what I am working on”. To no surprise I immediately clicked it and sure enough, the big new feature is multiplayer… well sort of.

It’s not multiplayer in the sense of wireless communication between two devices. Instead, it’s more of an old-school split screen multiplayer like the way people used to play multiplayer video games on consoles before the internet got a hold of them.

But it’s definitely a start! I’m sure we’ll get more details later, but for now we know that, on Windows 10 at least, player 1 will use the keyboard and mouse, and everyone else will use separate gamepads. Not sure if this can be changed though, for example whether player 2 could work keyboard instead, or perhaps whether it can be ditched all together.

I’m hoping the game makes its way to the Amazon Fire TV. I have the device myself, and used to like playing Minecraft on it before Mojang/Microsoft decided to make the game a separate $20 purchase for the system, even though I own the game on my Fire tablet. I know they’ve got to make that two and a half billion dollars back, but man, $20 is still a lot despite all that they’ve added since Microsoft’s acquisition of Mojang. Kaalus did a ton with Survivalcraft 2 it’s still only $3.99 (however I make no promise the price won’t go up).

Oh well, enough of my rambling, let’s talk about our new site. Most of the magnificent work was done by Kria Nukkao. She’s paying for the web host at current, and she practically built the site by herself while I sat back and pretended that I was in charge. Even the background header video was done by her, with the music composed by her as well. I only made a few edits on the site here and there where I thought was necessary.

I do hope you take pleasure when visiting our new site. We’re always open to suggestions, and our goal is to be the #1 go-to place for your Survivalcraft-related needs.

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