Survivalcraft Multiplayer Review

The biggest, longest awaited, and most frequently requested feature for Survivalcraft is finally here: multiplayer. While we don’t quite have full-blown wireless multiplayer with servers and mods, it’s still wonderful that we now have a way to share the game with family and friends, at lease in split-screen, for now. And who knows? Maybe we will see servers come to Survivalcraft (maybe we’ll even be one of the first to run a server) one day!

For now though, let’s appreciate what we’ve got. In version 2.1, you can now share your game with up to three other friends via the game’s built-in split-screen system. When you go to create your world, you are not only able to set your world name and options, but you can also set up your players as well.

You can choose between one of 4 skins for each gender: Walter, Basil, Geoffrey, and Zachary for the boys; as well as Doris, Ada, Mabel, and Shirley for the girls. If you’ve downloaded skins from the Community Content, Dropbox, or wherever else, you can set those as your skin as well.

In addition to editing the players, there’s also some new world options, as well. One of the options allows you to change whether you want the traditional continental world type or a smaller island generation, particularly if you think your phone or tablet might not be able to handle such a massive world. Flat is still an option as well.

Once you’re in the game, you can get to your player stats by tapping the back arrow at the top left. Hitting the ellipsis on either players screen area will bring up a menu where you can either get to the game settings, edit the players in the world, or just get some in-game help and info. Any of these options will pause the game and whatever in full-screen.

After tapping on the Edit Players option, you can edit any of the players in the game, add or remove players, change the multiplayer screen layout, as well as adding gamepads to control any of the players.

Split-screen multiplayer does have advantages over wireless multiplayer. Since everything is processed on one computer, you’ll never have to deal with connection issues. In addition, all players have to play at the same time, so there’s no logging out while anther player plays so you can bypass getting killed at night or starving to death until someone can get you food. Only way around this is to delete your player, but then again you’d lose all your items and especially experience. Makes it a bit more realistic, don’t you think?

That’s pretty much all there is to it! If you have any questions, feel free to post those in the comments below.

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