2.1.9 released to Google Play

Here comes another release in the 2.1 series. It contains a fairly beefy set of fixes and tweaks I’ve been working on in the last two weeks.

As you will doubtlessly be happy to notice, I made the game a little bit easier by nerfing flu and reducing injuries taken from hunger, cold and heat.

There’s also a large number of optimizations, tweaks and bugfixes to do with texture orientation, furniture, horses, UI etc.

Additionally, left and right gamepad triggers were swapped to match Minecraft gamepad controls.

Here’s the full list of changes:

  • Added xxhdpi android icons to make icon sharper on hi-dpi devices
  • Fixed a bug with dialogs not preventing user from clicking elsewhere
  • Reversed left/right trigger functions
  • Fixed freshening of pumpkins by placing them on hard surface
  • Increased time to get flu
  • Coughing does not close inventory
  • Reduced injuries caused by hunger, cold and heat
  • Fixed texture orientation on stairs and slabs
  • Fixed texture orientation on furniture
  • Optimized away furniture/stairs/slabs/fences/ladders/trapdoors/pressure plates faces touching non-transparent blocks
  • Fixed texture orientation on upside down stairs
  • Optimized furniture drawing by removing faces obscured by nearby blocks. This should also reduce z-buffer artifacts.
  • Fixed problem with importing large furniture sets (only part of the set would be imported)
  • Optimized furniture collision box creation, 4x speedup (this was causing long hiccups when walking in furniture-packed worlds)
  • Added “World Created In Version” information in game menu dialog
  • Furniture is instantly deleted (if not used in the world) after deleting a furniture set instead of waiting for the next furniture garbage collection to kick in
  • Saddled animals no longer herd (this was causing horses running back to the herd once player dismounted)
  • Made pressure plates cover entire block. This allows drawing optimization (geometry below pressure plate is removed) and reduces z-buffer artifacts when moving far away from pressure plates

This latest build is currently only released to Google Play. Because this build makes a lot of changes, I want to let you test it for a few days before publishing to Amazon, Windows and iOS.

Have fun!

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Source: 2.1.9 released to Google Play

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