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You may have noticed, a couple of days ago I submitted 2.1.14 to Google Play. The only difference from 2.1.13 is a fix for water flow direction bug introduced in one of the previous updates (water animation was flowing uphill).

Yesterday I also published the same build to all other platforms, to bring everyone up to date. The latest versions are:

  • Google Play: 2.1.14 (in store)
  • Amazon: 2.1.41 (in store)
  • Windows 8.1/10: 2.1.23 (in store)
  • Windows Phone 8.1/10: 2.1.33 (in store)
  • iOS AppStore: 2.1.52 (still in certification)

These are all the same builds with the same feature set, so once they hit the stores, no one should be at a disadvantage.

Unless something catastrophic is discovered, I now want to focus on working on the next feature update: 2.2.

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