Resource density tweaks & more

I’ve seen you complaining that there isn’t enough copper and iron in the world. Spent some time today reviewing this, and indeed I think you’re right! So, I made the resources more abundant. Plus some other changes, see below.

I’ve just published 2.1.13 to Google Play. Here’s the list of changes:

  • Tweaked cave generation algorithm to make the caves go deeper on average (it’s easier to find certain minerals deeper)
  • Increased amount of iron, copper, coal and diamond ores
  • Increased armour durability (especially stick armour – don’t overlook it, it’s very cheap to make even on day 1, and more than doubles your resilience to attacks)
  • Made boat stronger and reduced chance of fish being able to attack you on the boat (instead of attacking the boat)
  • Fixed player digging blocks behind animals when trying to hit them but missing, in creative mode
  • Increased digging time of all stone types by hand by about 25% (more incentive to make tools)

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Source: Resource density tweaks & more

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